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December 6, 2020

How to Get the Best Dog Photos for Your Engagement Session!

We LOVE dogs! And we totally get that they are part of your family. They’re your fur babies! So it’s totally understandable to want to include them in your engagement photos. They’re a big part of your lives together and your future too! But not every dog is camera ready… follow these tips to get some PAW-some pics with your doggo and get the best engagement photos too!

How to Take the Best Engagement Photos with Your Dogs

1. Have your dogs join you for only the beginning of the session

American Tobacco Campus engagement photos

Get those cute dog photos out of the way first. No offense, pup, but we’ve got a lot to accomplish! Not only do dogs have a pretty short attention span, but you also want to make sure you and your fiancĂ© have some photos with just the two of you. Get the dog photos done early and then you two can enjoy the rest of a session and not worry about logistics.

2. Ask a friend to be the dog handler (and sitter)

Dogs at weddings

Going along with Tip 1, you really do need a third person to bring the dogs to and from the session. This is one less thing for you to worry about logistically. It also ensures the dogs are well taken care of and getting some lovin’ while you are off having a blast during the rest of your session. Additionally, your friend and your pup probably already know each other, so sometimes a friend can be essential in getting dogs to cooperate and look our direction.

3. Bring treats and toys that will get their attention

Two dogs in engagement photos

Most dogs are either food- or toy- motivated, so bringing these items can be super helpful in getting your furry friend to look our way. The smell, squeak or even sometimes the word “walkies” or “treat” is usually all we need to get that cute little perk of the ears that is so irresistibly adorable! Our favorite toys and treats are always from, but you know your dog best!

4. Consider an in-home session

If being out and about is too distracting, being at home may help your dog (and you for that matter), feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Snuggle up on your own couch just like any other day and perfectly capture you , your fiancé, and your fur baby as you truly are at this time in your life. An at home engagement photo session like this one could be right up your alley!

5. Get your puppy some cute accessories!

Cute photo of dog with tie

You’re getting dressed up, so why not your fur baby too!? Bowties, cute collars, bandanas, flower wreaths… all adorable! This can also be a good opportunity to shop local for some crafters that make these sorts of thing. You can find an awesome assortment of the best dog accessories on Etsy or a local craft market!

6. Well behaved dogs can be fun additions to a wedding ceremony too!

Photo of dogs in wedding ceremony

We’ve seen some really adorable Flower Pups and Ring Doggos. Just be sure your dog can handle the excitement of a wedding day plus having all of their favorite humans in one place. It’s also a good idea to have an exit plan for your furry friend in case it all gets to be too much.

Best dog photo of wedding ceremony

7. OR have a friend swing by with the pup for a surprise wedding day visit!

One couple planned for a friend to quickly bring their pup over between the ceremony and reception to snap a quick photo with the newlyweds. Another of our grooms wanted to surprise his bride after the first look and had a friend bring their fur baby to the venue for just a quick visit.

8. Funny Dog Photos can be the BEST Dog Photos!

Prepare for some epic derps – yep, we deliver those too! If they make us laugh, we know they’ll make you laugh, so why not haha! Who knows, those photos of your dog might end up being the best ones!

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