May 15, 2022

Wedding at Alexander Homestead | Megan and Mickey’s Celebration

One Year. That’s how long Megan and Mickey waited since their Micro Wedding at the same venue, Alexander Homestead, to have their party. We’ve been with these guys for so long – it feels like we’ve known them forever. From their engagement shoot, to spending time as friends during Covid, to their first wedding at Alexander Homestead, and now to their redemption celebration. We could not have been happier for these two to FINALLY have the celebration that they both deserved.

Getting Ready for Your Wedding at Your House

Sometimes, the easiest and most meaningful place to get ready is your own home, surrounded by your closest friends and family who’ve traveled to celebrate with you. The whole morning was spent just having fun, listening to music, and recording TikToks for her wedding day (this has been a first, but we hope it’s not the last time we see it. Honestly, they’re a ton of fun haha!).

When we all drove to Alexander Homestead, I think it finally hit Megan that her wedding celebration that she’d been waiting for SO LONG was finally here. Alexander Homestead has a really beautiful getting ready house that the girls took, while Mickey arrived shortly after with his guys.

Bride's details laid out on a wooden board, including her shoes and an heirloom with her Father.
Creative photo using a refrigerator while the bride gets her hair and makeup done in her home.
Black and white photo of the bride, her mother, and a bridesmaid in her Charlotte North Carolina house before the wedding day.
Bride in personalized robe crying happy tears on her wedding day.
A personalized dress hanger for a wedding dress hung on an Ivy wall at Alexander Homestead in Charlotte.
Bride looking out a window in the getting ready house at Alexander Homestead before her wedding ceremony.
Bride smiling at her wedding dress hanging up on the wall.
Mother of the bride helping her daughter put on a bracelet before her wedding.
An heirloom of the bride's father who has passed away, attached to her wedding bouquet so she can carry it down the aisle of Alexander Homestead.
Bridesmaid and best friend helping the bride put on her hairpiece as she looks in the mirror.
Groom buttoning final button of suit jacket at Alexander Homestead.
Mickey as he's laughing while getting wedding portraits at Alexander Homestead.
Mickey's groomsmen roughing him up as he's walking next to the wedding reception barn at Alexander Homestead.
Groom and his mother laughing before the wedding ceremony at Alexander Homestead, located in Charlotte NC.
Bride heading down the stairs to go to her wedding.
Megan and Mickey's sweet first look outside at Alexander Homestead.

First Look at Alexander Homestead Before the Wedding Ceremony

Megan and Mickey opted to do a first look, and we were in full support of this, especially since they were already married! They chose the perfect time and location to do this as well, because the sun was in an incredible location to light up all of the amazing foliage around the gardens.

Megan and Mickey smile at each other during their outdoor wedding portraits at Alexander Homestead.
Megan and Mickey look into each other's eyes in front of the beautiful garden at Alexander Homestead for their wedding.
Megan and Mickey walk across the unique bridge in their wedding attire at Alexander Homestead with their silhouette in the reflection
Cute kids walking down paved aisle as ring bearer and flower girl. This is a great way to have kids at a wedding.
Megan's brother escorts her down the aisle right before their wedding with Alexander Homestead in the background.
Megan and Mickey holding hands during their wedding ceremony at Alexander Homestead underneath the gazebo.
Unique reflection shot of blue sky during a wedding ceremony at Alexander Homestead.
Megan and Mickey exchanging vows underneath the gazebo during their wedding.
A couple shares their first kiss right after their wedding ceremony under the gazebo.
Megan and Mickey walk back after their wedding with giant smiles on their faces after being married.
Megan gives her mother, in a wheelchair, a giant hug.
Mickey holds Megan's mother's hand while she's in a wheelchair.
Megan hugs her mother goodbye as she drives away.
Beautiful portrait of bride and groom under the veil.

Insanely Fun Wedding Reception at Alexander Homestead

ALL that Megan and Mickey wanted was a celebration with friends, and they had waited so long for this. There was such a sense of relief, togetherness, and pure fun! The looks on their faces truly say it all.

One of our favorite things to do with couples is to have a last dance. This gives them a private moment after everybody has left to soak in everything that just happened. Megan and Mickey’s last dance ended up being one of the most emotional that we’ve ever shot.

Megan and Mickey have their first dance at their wedding reception at Alexander Homestead.
Megan makes a hilarious face as she cuts her wedding cake during her wedding.
Megan jumps up in the air and makes a hilarious face during her wedding reception at Alexander Homestead.
Creative nighttime portrait taken during the middle of the wedding reception at Alexander Homestead.
Megan and Mickey have an emotional hug during their last private dance.
Megan and Mickey both tear up after their last dance.
Pure joy on Megan and Mickey's face as they exit the barn of Alexander Homestead while wedding guests throw pink flower petals at them.

Venue and Catering: Alexander Homestead | Florist: Pink Petunia Designs | Baker: Delish Cakery | DJ: All The Right Grooves | Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Fairy | Videography: Discover Love Studios | Officiant: Rick Bovey | Wedding Dress Designer: Allure | Wedding Dress Source: New York Bride & Groom

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