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August 8, 2017

Rustic and Main Rings | A Local Charlotte Ring Maker

Wedding bands are no longer just simple gold rings. Trends have shown that both men’s and women’s styles have become more unique and personalized to the wearer. When picking out our own wedding bands, we knew we would also want to reflect our own individual styles. Does that make us… trendy?

Kim very specifically wanted a wedding band that would match her engagement ring and wrap around the diamond. This is apparently called an “Enhancer Ring” according to Google. Jess knew he needed to stay away from nickel (or suffer with a constant red rash!!), so when Kim found a unique wooden band on Instagram of all places, he couldn’t be more excited. His Limited Edition band from Rustic and Main is a made with teak wood from the USS North Carolina and Maker’s Mark Whiskey Barrels with a copper inlay. AND the ring comes straight from the maker’s workshop here, in Charlotte, NC. Done deal.

True to form, we couldn’t help but take a few pictures… so here is a quick styled shoot our wedding bands… enjoy!

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