October 5, 2022

Rocking your Wedding Day in a Wheelchair | Courtney and Matt

Bride being pushed in wheelchair into wedding reception

When people ask us what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened on a wedding day, we immediately think of Courtney and Matt’s 1932 Barn wedding where Courtney was unexpectedly stuck in a wheelchair on the day of her wedding.

Going Forward with the Wedding Day in a Wheelchair

It started at the rehearsal dinner. Courtney started to feel a slight pain in her leg, but dismissed it as a cramp. Around 2am, she was in so much pain, she knew something was seriously wrong. At 4am, the ambulance finally arrived. They took her to get x-rays, gave her some pain meds, and ultimately released her from the hospital in a wheelchair to head off to her wedding day.

Courtney debated whether or not to go through with the day as planned because she was in so much pain that she couldn’t stand up, but so many guests came from out of town and the day was already here! She arrived at her venue to get ready; still in her sweats, unshowered, and being pushed in a wheelchair. 

Dolled up and drugged up, Courtney was still very excited about her big day. She had an adorable first look with her dad followed by a very emotional first look with Matt. Was he crying because he was seeing her in a wedding dress? Or in a wheelchair? Despite the severity of Courtney’s situation, the couple managed to remain unshaken and even be silly at times!

A Seated Ceremony

They proceeded with the wedding day as planned however, and worked to make some adjustments for Courtney’s changed circumstances such as adding chairs for her and Matt to sit in during the ceremony. Even though her once flowing dress had to be held on her lap in a pile of tulle as she was pushed down the aisle by her parents, Courtney still maintained the most positive attitude we’ve ever seen. Courtney and Matt exchanged vows and rings underneath the gorgeous tree at 1932 Barn.

Partying in a Wheelchair

Courtney only stood two times that day. Once to have her dress bustled and to take a quick silhouette portrait (the only real portrait of the day!); the other was for her first dance with Matt and then with her dad. Knowing that Courtney couldn’t do any fancy spins or dips during their dance together, Matt took it upon himself to twirl himself around her. Ever the goofball, but all the reasons why she wanted to marry him in the first place. All day long, he was supportive (literally and emotionally), caring, and eager to make her smile. 

Regardless of any pain she might have been feeling, Courtney made sure to still have fun out on the dancefloor. Her friends and family encircled her wheelchair and spun her around in sync with the music. Courtney was dancing for quite a while until a friend who was a physical therapist showed up and offered to give her some treatment. She ended the night on a couch doing as many stretches as possible to ease the pain.

There was no grand send-off and Courtney and Matt returned to their home in Wilmington the next day. When the pain had not yet subsided by the following day, she checked herself back into the hospital only to find that she had a joint infection (no idea how she got it) and she was septic. With the right diagnosis and treatment, Courtney has thankfully now made a full recovery and is on her feet again. While it may not have been the wedding day she and Matt had envisioned, they certainly have one heck of a story to tell.

Venue: The 1932 Barn | Catering: Bleu Barn Bistro | DJ: Z Brothers Entertainment | Hair and Makeup: The Makeup Addict | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal | Groom’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse

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