May 10, 2023

Jetton Park | Charlotte Engagement Session Location

Jetton Park is one of our absolute favorite Charlotte engagement session locations. Technically just outside of Charlotte in Cornelius, it’s just a quick drive up I-77 and has so much photo potential! It has multiple views of Lake Norman, many tree covered paths, a few open grassy areas, it’s pet friendly, and is absolutely gorgeous at sunset. As a result, we’ve done numerous engagement sessions at Jetton Park, but they all turn out a little different due to the variety of locations, time of year, and personalities of the couple. Here are just a few examples:

Jetton Park in the Summer with Shannon and Chris

When we first skyped with Shannon and Chris, we knew we’d become fast friends! Not only do they love many of the same things we do (like beer and travel), but they also chose the same wedding venue as us (check out their Rural Hill Wedding)! On the day of their session, we lucked out with beautiful weather that we were excited to take advantage of… us and at least 8 other photographers that is! You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but the park was PACKED with visitors and other photography sessions, so we had the fun added challenge of dancing around everyone. It kinda worked out for the best though since we are pretty familiar with Jetton Park and it was nice to think outside the box to find new creative ways to interact with the landscape.

Dressed Up Engagement Session with Katie and Robby

Before their wild adventures wake boarding in their fancy clothes, Katie and Robby started their engagement session at Jetton Park while their clothes were still dry. As you can probably guess, these two are a lot of fun! Their session was filled with lots of twirling, giggling, and unfortunately, some sweating. Being the middle of August, it was quite a toasty day in North Carolina, but they were champs about it. Maybe it was because they knew they were about to jump in the lake, but either way, they didn’t let it stop them from having a good time. We also got a surprise visit from their two huskies!

Playful Engagement Photos at Jetton Park with Rachel and Joe

After a short in-home session with Rachel and Joe, we relocated to Jetton Park to catch the sunset and spend time by the lake. At the end of the shoot, they REALLY broke out the fun, popped a bottle of champagne, and ran through the water. Although we’ve done quite a few shoots at Jetton park now, we always manage to get something different. We’ve never had a couple be willing to run in the water before, and now we want ALL of our couples to be up for the challenge!

Check out the rest of their session HERE!

Jetton Park in the Fall with Nick and Shannon

We first met Nick while working a wedding together: he’s a videographer! So when he reached out to us to photograph his own wedding because he liked working with us so much, it was a HUGE honor. And then we got to meet Shannon and could see exactly why Nick wanted to marry her. Shannon is thoughtful, funny, super positive, and extremely organized. Our kinda bride! Together, Nick and Shannon are foodies and coffee lovers too, so we could easily just sit and talk with them for hours. Nick and Shannon also LOVE the fall, which is why both their wedding and their engagement photos will feature that colorful fall foliage. We had a short and sweet session at Jetton Park and are super excited to photography them again in the Virginia mountains at the Irvine Estate in November 2023!

Romantic Jetton Park Session with Laura and David

Laura and David first heard about us from their roommate and our good friend, Jamie, so we already knew they had to be awesome if they lived with him and his shenanigans 😛. When we first met up with Laura and David at Wooden Robot Brewery (a favorite of theirs), we thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if they brought Jamie with them?”… and guess who was there? Yup, Jamie…. So needless to say, we had a blast hanging with them and it was more like hanging with old friends than a business meeting. We learned all about them and their killer wedding plans for their June 2019 Harbour Club Wedding in Charleston and could not be more excited to travel to Chucktown to celebrate their marriage!

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