July 20, 2023

Costumed Engagement Photos | Sara and Jessica

costumed engagement photos in NC

It’s not every day that your clients request to do engagement photos while costumed, so when Sara and Jessica noted that they wanted to dress up in lobster suits, we were like “heck yes!”. Now, why lobsters you might ask? Is it a reference to the Friends tv show where Phoebe claims that lobsters mate for life? Nope. Turns out it was just their Halloween costume from the previous year and it was so popular with their friends that they just wanted to wear them again! Works for us!

Before getting all costumed up, we started the engagement session with some more traditional photos. We met up with the bubbly couple at Latta Nature Preserve in Huntersville and soaked up all that gorgeous golden sunlight. Being a pretty playful couple, we had them moving around and laughing quite a bit and they were super awesome and let us play around with some fun silhouettes. After they were all warmed up, they donned their lobster costumes and quickly came up with all sorts of silly things that the lobsters could be photographed doing together. Traditional? Not so much. But uniquely them being themselves/lobsters? Absolutely.

Curious about Latta Nature Preserve as a engagement session location? Check out Jackie and Jared’s Latta Nature Preserve Engagement Session.

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