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March 28, 2020

10 At-Home Date Ideas to Do While Quarantined

Stay-At-Home orders as a result of COVID-19 probably means a lot more time together with your significant other. Maybe you now have to share an office space (aka. the living room) or are learning that your wife’s boss really is more annoying than yours. Or maybe you just found out that you’re engaged to a “let’s circle back” guy… the horror!!

While having more time at home is a great opportunity to spend more time together, wear your PJs all day, and binge Netflix, after a few days, you may need a change of pace. To make sure you don’t get too bored of each other, we’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite things to do while stuck at home together.


This is one of our favorite date nights, regardless of being forced to stay home. A few months ago, we had a double date game night with some neighbors and they introduced us to some fun new games. It wasn’t long until Jess was researching new board games and card games to fill out our collection of Uno and Cards Against Humanity.

We’ve expanded our collection quite a bit, but here are a few of our favorites, specifically good for just two players:


Jess LOVES to play around in the kitchen… everything from trying new recipes, making bread from scratch, to mixing up new and interesting cocktails. And it isn’t very often that he makes the same thing twice. Here’s where he gets some of his amazing recipes from:

Find a recipe that is challenging, yet realistic (please don’t try to poach and egg if you can barely scramble one :P), and make something new together! Then take a pic, post it on social media, and tag us in it!


When was the last time you guys actually sat down and watched a full movie from start to finish? Choose a movie that you two haven’t seen in a while, or maybe one that neither of you have seen at all.

A little over a year ago, we realized that there were some key movies that one or both of us had never seen. After too many nights saying “let’s watch a movie, but what?”, we started keeping a list (ok, ok, it’s a whole excel sheet color coded by where we can stream it from… sorry, not sorry… see it below for inspiration haha). The list keeps growing, but we are making good progress in the “Mission Accomplished” column.

Compiling a list can be an activity in itself. We built our list from a variety of IMDB lists and friends’ suggestions. Spend some time to make your own list, pick a good one, and then don’t forget some popcorn (which you can make yourself from scratch, see item 2)!



We have a Nintendo Switch, which is a great system for both individual or two-player games. Even individual games can be an activity for two. Introduce your husband/wife/partner/fiance/etc. to your favorite game and cheer them on as they move throughout the levels. Jess loves watching Kim play Pokemon Sword. Or play something together! Mario Cart is always a great way to get competitive, or try a cooperative game like Unravel Two.

^^ Fun for cats too!

If you don’t already own a system, check out Retro Games online to find some serious nostalgia! Oregon Trail anyone??

There are also some great games that you can get for PC through a client called Steam. We recently found an amazing trivia game with a wicked twist called Trivia Murder Party which was SO entertaining.


We love going wine tasting and it’s pretty easy to set up as an indoor date night idea! If you have some cheese, crackers, and a few bottles of wine, you’re all set! Do a little research online if you need to to find out what cheeses go best with each type of wine. Start with white and work your way darker. Try to pick out the different flavors you taste… your choice to act like April from Parks and Rec versus Craig 😛


There are a TON of educational resources out there that have made their content available for FREE. Now is the perfect time to learn something that you’ve always wanted to learn about. In fact, this website has a list of a BUNCH of universities that have actually been offering online courses if you’re into that! Or you could pick up a subscription to Masterclass and start learning that way too! You could also just challenge yourself to learn some random things that you always say you should learn but never do… here are a few things on our list:

  • Finally learn the real lyrics to songs
  • Teach yourselves to knit! (Arm knitting those chunky blankets is actually really easy!)
  • Learn a new language (we like Duolingo)
  • Teach each other to play a new instrument
  • Learn to drive stick shift
  • Practice making the perfect cup of pour-over coffee
  • Learn sign language


There are SO many workouts that are going online now. There are some that have been on YouTube for a while, and then there are some that have gone completely virtual that used to be in person. Before, when we did at home workouts, we really liked HasFit for harder workouts and Fightmaster Yoga, both on YouTube.

We personally work out with a company called Camp Gladiator, which is based on outdoor HIIT/bootcamp style workouts. They’ve managed to take all their workouts online and are currently offering free workouts that they’re streaming every day! Find something that’s challenging but has variations to make it work for both of you!

Camp Gladiator At-Home Workout


Formerly called a “Honey-do” list, now is the PERFECT time to actually finish those projects that you said you’ve been wanting to finish. Garden? Do it! Shelves? Perfect. Touch up painting or wall repair? Absolutely. So far, we’ve gotten our herb garden going and routed the tv wires behind the wall. Lowe’s and Home Depot will remain open, so all of your house project needs will be met. Next up on our list is to make some wooden shelves for our guest bathroom – wish us luck!



We only just got on the TikTok train and there’s a lot of really funny stuff on there that can keep you entertained literally for hours… Kim actually had to set up a time limit on her phone! But if you want to really get in on the fun, make one of your own together!! Here’s some inspiration from us:

Gwen and Arty Race for Treats


Maybe we’re a little biased, but we love reminiscing over photographs ;P

Grab a glass of wine (or drink of choice) and settle in for some good laughs and a trip down memory lane. Pick out your favorite pics and finally order some prints so that you can see them every day!

Alternatively, take some new pictures! Go for a nature walk outside. Things are starting to bloom, and getting outside as much as possible and being intentional about what you’re seeing can be so refreshing! Even cell phone photos can print nicely at a 5×7, so fill up those walls with the things that you normally take for granted in your own neighborhood.

Let us know what you wind up doing!

We cannot wait to find out which of these date ideas you try together! Don’t forget to share what you do on your Instagram or Facebook and tag @partyoftwophoto so that we can see! And if there are any other ideas you think of, we’d love to hear them so that we can share them and try them out ourselves!

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